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Distance MBA is a flexible and affordable AICTE/UGC recognized MBA programme which does not require you to attend regular classes. For those who are unable to pursue full time MBA for want of time or due to high cost of regular full time MBA, options like Distance MBA may prove to be viable alternative. Top distance MBA colleges offer offline study material as well as online MBA in distance learning.

Distance MBA programmes is its low fee structure. If we compare the top 10 institutes for distance MBA fee with full time regular fee, we will find that these top 10 institutes for distance MBA have complete the programme at less than 10% fee charged for the regular MBA. Regular MBA fee is typically many times the fee of a Distance MBA. For example, fee for 2-year Distance -Post Graduate Diploma program fee for full time PGDM programme Distance learning MBA eliminates cost incurred on travelling, infrastructure and various other expenses.

What’s my long-term plan?
An MBA qualification will open doors, whether you wish to advance within your chosen career or move into a different industry entirely. Either way, it’s important to have an idea of what you want in advance, and to use the training you receive during the course to your best advantage.
MBA courses in India
Do I wish to improve my leadership skills?
Among many other skills, studying for an MBA will teach you how to manage people effectively in a business environment. As such, it’s useful to have a prior interest in leadership.

Do I have sufficient experience?
Ideally, as an MBA student you’ll have some real-world industry experience; the average age for enrolment for this course of study is mid-to-late twenties. College graduates are, of course, welcome to enrol; it’s just more likely that having spent some time in a professional environment, you’ll have a good, basic understanding of how business works. Plus, you’ll have more to contribute to your peers’ learning experience. 

MBA (Master of Business Administration)MBA in One Year
M.B.A. Hospital ManagementM.B.A. Banking Management
M.B.A. Human Resource ManagementM.B.A. Banking and Finance Management
M.B.A. International BusinessM.B.A. Customer Relationship Management
M.B.A. Investment ManagementM.B.A. Export Management
M.B.A. Transport ManagementM.B.A. Airline and Airport Management
M.B.A. Information System ManagementM.B.A. Entrepreneurship
M.B.A. Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementM.B.A. Finance Management
M.B.A. Marketing ManagementM.B.A. Financial Services
M.B.A. Software Testing and Quality ManagementM.B.A. Textile Management
M.B.A. Hotel and Tourism ManagementM.B.A. Materials Management
M.B.A. Technology ManagementM.B.A. International Shipping Management
M.B.A. Advertising and Sales PromotionM.B.A. Project Management
M.B.A. International BusinessM.B.A. Retail Management
M.B.A. Shipping and Port ManagementM.B.A. Services Management

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