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Graduation/Post Graduation with E-learning from SMU,9650073658

Graduation With  E-learning In one year –


Post Graduation Program-

In the Previous blog, we discussed on the topic of the Graduation with E-learning specializations. Offered by IGNOU and SMU in the fields of Accounts and Finance and marketing. In this blog, we will talk about the rest three fields. which will help you become better managers in the Mixed domains.  

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MBA in Human Resource Management,9650073658-

MBA in Human Resource Management will aim to raise awareness regarding business management. It will strive to impart knowledge about various Human Resource. Functions which cover; hiring, appraisals, payroll, industrial and relations.

 These concepts familiarize the student with E-learning. Some of the new age practices in the HR field which includes organizational development. E-business and change management.

Functions like hiring, staffing, employee engagement, mapping expertise, culture building.  Analyzing the performance of the employees can be covered in the area.

The job profile is a profitable one starting. From HR executive or trainee to officer, General Manager, Vice President, HR director etc. you can call us to know more about e-learning and distance education for Ug/Pg,9650073658


MBA in International Business Management,9650073658-

MBA in International Business Management is designed to create an awareness about managing the business in the international domains. which include trade operations and multi-cultural boundaries.

we offering the best distance course in New Delhi.

The strategy and practices applicable to Indian Businesses in the global point is also covered in the given program. 

This degree communicates knowledge in the supply chain management, planning, import-export finance area and the concepts of Economics, IT, E-commerce are explained in detail.

Companies controlling international projects or going global. They actively looking for the candidates with MBA degree in International Business Management.


Major Goals Of e-Learning-

There are Certain aims when it comes to e-Learning and some of these are to:

>>increase the quality of education and teaching

>>Meet the style of learning or what is the needs of students.

>>Improve the regulation and success

e-Learning is extensive and an expanding platform with a great perspective in higher level education. Since there are many dares in making eLearning successful.

It is the main thing to know how to handle it and ingress to the resources. Take a minute of yours and just imagine.

If You don’t have your roadmap to guide from start to End is actually like plunging into eLearning without an effective planning.