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What is e-learning-

So, let’s give the definition of the Word first and then move on to the main goals and expectations of e-Learning.  It is a learning procedure with the combination of proper content. Which is both taken digitally and through a face-to-face learning process.

It accord to the shifts from traditional face-to-face learning to the use of web technological tools.which increase combined learning and presents an entirely new learning platform for students.

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Evolution in technology, learning have contributed to the improvement of generations and the era of distance education.

 Major Goals Of e-Learning-

There are Certain aims when it comes to e-Learning and some of these are to:
  • increase the quality of education and teaching
  • Meet the style of learning or what is the needs of students.
  • Improve the regulation and success

E-learning is extensive and an expanding platform with a great perspective in higher level education. Since there are many dares in making eLearning successful, it is the main thing


To know how to handle it and ingress to the resources. Take a minute of yours and just imagine. If one is not having the roadmap to guide from start to End is actually like plunging into eLearning without an effective planning.

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